Brian G. Kapp - Vocalist, Pianist, and Organist.
Encore Music Studios

Lessons are currently taught at St. Michael's Church in Duluth, MN (4901 E Superior St).

Studio Policies

The following polices have been established to create an environment of mutual respect and consideration for a better learning experience. In order to best serve the students it is necessary that everyone is informed and understands the policies and procedures that affect them. Please read the document, sign at the end, and observe these policies.
The Goal
The studio offers all students the opportunity of learning about the world of music and music appreciation, which is something that will permanently enrich their lives. My goal is to provide quality and professional private music instruction tailored to students of all ages, to teach them to “see and hear” the beauty of music and art, as well as to empower them to pursue their personal achievements and goals.
The Instruction
Lessons in the studio offer the students an opportunity to develop a well-rounded music education encompassing music fundamentals, technique, performance, theory, sight reading, ensemble, ear training and other skills.
Although everyone has different reasons for continuing to create music after childhood lessons are over, all who play and sing say they do it for enjoyment; and the enjoyment increases with greater proficiency and lasts a lifetime. Music is a life-long learning experience. Lessons keep a student’s skill-set fresh and facilitates growth in all areas of creativity.
You are always a welcome guest in the studio. Please respect the time of others who may be finishing a lesson. Kindly ring the doorbell or knock at the inside door and wait in the hallway until the lesson preceding yours is completed.
Please allow a few minutes before the lesson start-time to calm yourself by breathing slowly and rhythmically, by stretching lightly, and by preparing yourself mentally. You should not attend a lesson in the studio when you are ill.

Practicing – The System is goal oriented, not time oriented. It is very common for practicing to take longer during the first days of a new assignment and decrease as the assignment is mastered. Consistency in practice is the key to a student’s success. Enrolling in this studio is a commitment to practicing at least 30 minutes daily. Once later on in the learning process, you may be asked to practice more. A regular practice schedule is vitally important to the success of each individual. If a serious commitment to practice time is not made, student progress slows and may become stagnant. At this point, my guidance can only do so much. YOU are the product. Invest in yourself.
Your financial investment in music lessons pays its dividends through the skills acquired over the years. Remember you are giving yourself (your child) a music education for artistic use, for self-expression, and for pleasure.
(For Parents) An active interest by parents is necessary for successful music achievement of younger students. Parents need to encourage regular practice sessions. Your child has their own unique pace, so please try to avoid comparing him/her to siblings or neighbors’ children who may appear to be playing better than them. Anticipate ups and downs in attitude and progress, along with a number of “growing pain” periods.
Tuition Assumptions/Student Rescheduling
Your tuition reserves you a weekly time slot and membership within the studio. The time of your lesson has been reserved and is unavailable to any other student. I am also committed to instruct at that time as well.

Late students will have only the remaining portion of their scheduled lesson time due to scheduling procedures.

Missed Lessons – If proper notice is given (minimum of 24 hours), a make-up lesson will be given. Use my personal e-mail or phone number for this purpose. No credit or refunds will be given for missed lessons with improper notice.

There will be no monetary credit for cancellations made except in case of extended illness.

For planned absences, advance notice (minimum 24-hours) should be given unless there is a medical emergency. If vacation time is planned during the September-May period, and you will be missing some of your regularly scheduled sessions, you are required to pay in full for the month unless it is discussed ahead of time. Attendance is mandatory for all lessons. The Studio is keeping track of all attendance and absences.
Teacher Rescheduling
Lessons will be made up if I make the cancellation. Every effort will be made to reschedule the missed lesson; however, if the lesson is unable to be rescheduled, a refund will be given for that lesson. All non-emergency or non-illness related cancellations will be announced well in advance.
The studio offers a year-round program and is open throughout the year, except for certain holidays and breaks throughout the year (announced well in advance). Tuition will be invoiced by the 1 of the month and is due by the 15 of each month. Except for the summer months (June-August), there will be a $20 late fee if the payment is received after the 15 of the month.
During the June-August Summer period, lessons are subject to cancellations according to the needs of the teacher or parent/student and will be calculated accordingly. 

The lesson rates are based on the teacher’s education, experience, teaching environment, ongoing professional development, location, and student achievement. The tuition rates include time invested in planning repertoire, student development research outside of lesson time, assignments, administration, business needs, membership in professional teaching organizations, and continuing education, which gives the chance to offer students the latest ideas, pedagogical techniques, and music.
Cash or check is accepted. Sorry… no credit cards or online payment methods available at this time.

Blocks of 10 paid-up sessions are available for Adult Students who have lengthy conflicts.

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